My family and I

        My name is Atison Phumchoosri. I am a Thai and was born in Bangkok in 1942. I finished my primary and secondary school in Bangkok and further my study in Germany where I became a cameraman and worked in an international news agency covering war stories in Loas,Cambodian and Vietnam. After hard and dangerous job for 4 years I gave up and turned myself into farmer ever since.

        In 1952 I was 10 years old and started seaching for betta. I went almost everywhere to find good fighters, in rice fields, in canals or even in swams in Bangkok. Thailand those days had a population of only 18 millions and there were rice fields and canals everywhere, especially in Bangkok.The place where I went very often was Sathorn Canal and Wireless Canal.

        Bettasplendens I got from these two canals were of excellent fighters. Fighters in different parts of canal are different in their braveness and most of my good fighters came from Wireless Canal just besides the American Embassy. But there are much less canals and almost no rice fields in Bangkok nowadays. I believed that most of the fighters I obtained those days were of imbellis species and rarely betta splendens. I raise and quit breeding betta several times due to my education and occupation overseas.

        This is my farm situated in Kaengkracharn district of Petchburi province about 180 kilometers south of Bangkok. There are 330 concreate tanks of 1.5 x 2.00 meters and 100 tanks of 1 meter in diameter, including water system .Here we can raise more than 200,000bettas at a time and more than 20,000 bettas can be sentinto market every week regularly.

        Since1994 I started breeding betta seriously. Started with 20 cement tanks of 1 meter in diameter, now I have over 330 tanks of 1.50 x 2.00 meters and 400 tanks of 1 meter in diameter. I have two farms, one is in Petchburi province and the other is in Bangkok where I live with my family. I have nine solid colors both short tail and long tail and are in single and double tail, making 36 different varieties, plus 3 solid colors halfmoon bettas.The nine colors are red, opaque red (look more like orange),white (opaque and cellophane), chocolate,black (with steel blue spread irridocyte), blue, green, steel blue and yellow. Besides from those colors I intend to have pink color and I hope to get it within 2 years.

        My next project is to collect all remaining wild betta in Thailand and breed them on commercial scale in order to preserve those strains from being extinct. I hope I can start doing this in 2002.

Atison Phumchoosri Betta Farm
61 Moo 11 Tambon Kaeng Krajarn, Kaeng Krajarn District, Petchaburi Province 76170 Thailand.
Telephone & Fax. +663-245-9323, Mobile +668-1928-3422, E-Mail: atisonshop@yahoo.com