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2.2 Krok (Water Pouring)
         This process called Krok or pouring water it aims at making a fighter angry and furious. Take water from the male container with a scoop (Thai call Krabuey) and pour down into the bottle. Keep doing this for many times a day until the fighter become furious and starts to attack Krabuey. For the first few days, the fighter will pay less attention but for many times a day will make it more furious and jumps up to bite Krabuey, when it is close to water surface. Besides from Krok one can make a fighter furious by using a black tip wooden stick . I call this stick "Angry Stick".The stick should be about your thumb size and about 8 inches long, painting with black on tip. A ball point end with darker tip can be used. Point the stick close to the fighter container, it will come closer and flare to the stick thinking that the stick is an opponent. You can do this very often as you want and your fighter will be almost all the time alert and eager to fight. Some fighters may bite te container, look out. Playing with angry stick will help fighter get used to people or disturbances and will not be freighten during fighting.

2.3 Yok (an action when put a female into male's container)
        To make a fighter more furious and aggressive is one of the most important part of this training method. If a fighter is not aggressive and furious, it will not bite hard and bites less often. Every betta has their own territory and will protect it for life. Therefore if one invade one's territory a fighting begin. I use a small healthy female put into a fighter's container. The fihghter will chase the female and finally it bites the female furiously. Take her out. This process may take a minute or just one and a half minute and we call this action "YOK"

        The process of conditioning takes one week and the process of training takes another week. If you have no time or there is no suitable opponent, the fighter can be put back into conditioning process again without doing any harm to it. The training session must be repeated again before going into fighting.

         Some may misunderstand that fighting fish in Thailand is illegal. It is not always true. A permannent betta fighting house can be set up, provided it is not in some municipalities area. This house is mostly called "Betta Betting House". License can be obtained through Municipality Office under some restrictions, such as no activity in Budhism Religious Holiday, or on working days except Saturday and Sunday. Most traditional betting house will be seperated into two parts, one is for betta fighting and another part is cock fighting. Betting is illegal in this house.

       This article is written from my past experiences for the purpose of sharing experiences among betta breeders. Your comments would be of a great help. Do not hesitate to Email me at atison@atisonbetta.com


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